Deposits Policy

A small deposit will be required at the time of your booking or enrollment via Interac e-Transfer to to secure your appointment or course date(s) and time(s). This assists with the prevention of no-shows and last minute cancellations.

Deposits for the following appointments go as follows:

Cosmetic Tattoo Services:

50% of Course total after taxes

Late Policy & Fees

If you arrive 10-14 minutes late, a Late Fee of $5 will be due with the remaining balance at the time of your appointment.


Cancellation Policy, No-Show Policy & Fees

Cancellations must be done within 48 hours of your appointment in order for your initial deposit to be used for your future rescheduled appointment.

If you fail to cancel within 48 hours of your appointment OR if you No-Show (failure to show up within 15 minutes of appointment time OR you arrive 15+ minutes late), your appointment will automatically be cancelled and a deposit of the EXACT previous amount will be due AGAIN to secure your new appointment date and time, once you reschedule. An additional No-Show fee will be due at the same time as the new deposit.

No-Show Fees:

Cosmetic Tattoo Services:

Sick Policy

If you are sick, you MUST reschedule your appointment. Please refer to, Cancellation Policy, No-Show Policy & Fees, below for further information about our cancellation policy.

Eyelash Extension Policy

You MUST have 40% or more of your lash extensions remaining when you come in for your appointment to qualify as a FILL appointment. If you arrive with less than 40% of your lash extensions, you will be charged for a removal and NEW SET instead.

Please schedule your appointments accordingly and diligently to avoid this issue.

If you had your previous set done by another lash tech, we will examine your lashes to see if they are salvageable. If they aren’t, you will have to get both, an Eyelash Extension Removal and New Set.