Terms and Conditions for Courses

Deposit and Payment

Beauty Touch Studio & Academy will require a 50% deposit from you in order to hold a spot for you in one of its courses. A deposit that you have made for a course is included in the cost of the course and it is not refundable.  Beauty Touch Studio & Academy must receive the payment two weeks In advanced the remaining balance for the course is due on the start date.

Refunds, Exchange of Products

Beauty Touch Studio & Academy may provide products to you for use during the course. Beauty Touch Studio & Academy does not exchange or refund any products that are provided for use during a course.
Beauty Touch Studio & will not cover costs incurred by students for extra products or items the student purchases to use during a course, or otherwise.

Re-Scheduled Courses

Should your course be canceled as a result of unforeseen circumstances, for example, due to weather,  force majeure instructor illness etc, Beauty Touch Studio & Academy will reschedule the course. If you do not attend the rescheduled course, Beauty Touch Studio & Academy will not provide a refund, or otherwise, compensate you. Rescheduled courses cannot be transferred to another student/person.


Beauty Touch Studio & Academy is not responsible for arranging [travel/hotel] accommodations for students.