Upper Liner? Lower Liner? Both? – It’s your choice! This procedure is a great way to enhance your eyes – no matter what shape, size or colour your eyes are, we can transform the look of your eyes, giving them definition and accentuating their colour. Wake up with perfectly lined eyes every morning! The techniques we offer are:​

Upper Liner​​: Created using a rotary digital machine, we are able to create a crisp upper liner. You choose the style, we deliver the results!

Lower Liner: Also created using a rotary digital machine, we are able to create a crisp lower liner.

Upper & Lower Liner: Want both? Amazing! We’ve got your covered.

Lash Enhancement: Want a subtle enhancement to your eyes? Want your eyes to pop without the dramatic effect of normal liner? Want your lashes to appear THICKER? Then the Lash Enhancement procedure is for you!

Please take into consideration that your eyeliner will appear dark and solid immediately after the procedure, but will heal up to 50% lighter. This is why your 6-8 week touch-up is important to fill in any sparse or lightened areas!