Always dreamed about having plump, symmetrical, and evenly shaded lips? We can customize the intensity, shape, create fuller looking lips, and minimize the appearance of fine lines! Any of our lip procedures will enhance the shape of your lips, and can be customized to the shape and shade of your choice. We can accentuate your lip shape, size, and define the natural lip line with our offered techniques:

Lip Blush​​: Created using a rotary digital machine, to give you a seamless finish! We are able to enhance your natural lip colour by shading the entire upper and lower lips.  Pigments used are chosen to match the natural or desired lip colour with skin tone, skin undertones, hair colour, eye colour and other factors taken into consideration. We can mix different shades to get to your desired colour!

Ombré Lips: Also created using a rotary digital machine,  we begin shading your lips in from the outer most part of your lips, and begin to shade them in less and less as we approach the centre of your lips to create the “Ombré” effect.

Lip Liner: If you are looking to enhance your lip shape, create a sharper or rounder cupids bow, or simply darken your natural lip line, then this is the right service for you. We use a digital rotary machine to precisely outline your lips. ​

Please take into consideration that your lips will appear dark and solid immediately after the procedure, but will heal up to 50% lighter. This is why your 6-8 week touch-up is important to fill in any sparse or lightened areas!